Our goal today is not to answer all of your questions about Franchising and is it right for me!

Our goal today is to let you know and emphasize that there is a PROCESS involved in finding the right franchise opportunity for you and that FREE support is available to help GUIDE you through this important process.

Going into business for yourself will likely be one of the biggest challenges you will face in your lifetime. At times it will test your integrity, your will power, your ethics, your stamina, your relationships, your finances, your attitude and so on.

That is why it is really important that you get into the right business for all of the right reasons. We will talk about the right business in a bit, but what are the right reasons?

Wealth Generation | Flexible Working Hours | Financial Security
More Control Over Your Life | Personal Challenge | Work With Family

Another important factor to consider before you begin your process of looking for the right franchise opportunity is to identify the level of support you are receiving from your family and especially your spouse. This new challenge will test your outer limits and you will need all the support you can get, not an additional challenge.

You also need to do some self-analysis to see if you have what it takes to be successful as your own boss.  In your career path are you best suited as an Employee, Entrepreneur or a Franchisee? And since we are talking about Franchisees, what are the attributes/characteristics that would make a strong franchisee? Self-Motivated/Self-Disciplined/Self-Determined, to name a few.

When we talk about the RIGHT business…does the franchise opportunity match your skills, experience and most of all PASSION? It is often easy to see if a person is passionate about what they are doing and customers in general like to work with and buy from passionate people.

The BS we are talking about in the title are BRAND and SYSTEM. And actually there is a third reason for looking at a franchise and that would be SUPPORT. But including that 2nd S in the title I believe would have diminished the impact.

BRAND – What is the strength and recognition of the Franchisors Brand. It could be a strong brand in a regional market, national market or an international market.

SYSTEM – What systems does the Franchisor have in place to make your job easier, for sales, inventory, order processing, reporting, etc.

SUPPORT – Over and above the initial training offered by the Franchisor, what positions and personnel are in place to offer ongoing support.


REMINDER! When the going gets tough, just remember why you decided to go into your own business in the first place. And if you got into business for the right reasons, work hard every day servicing your customers and take advantage of the support you are being offered, good chance you will be PROSPEROUS.

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Be PREPARED! Do your homework or due diligence as they call it in the business. We have developed several FREE TOOLS to help you and guide you through the process.

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