Top Ten Criteria

Top 10 Criteria that many candidates look for in a Franchise?

  • Franchise Fits My Passion and Skills
  • Good Brand Recognition
  • Proven Track Record
  • Exclusive In-Demand Products/Services
  • Training Provided
  • Ongoing Support
  • Financial Support Available
  • Target Customer Base
  • Start-Up Cost Within My Investment Range
  • Franchise Available in My Area

Key Characteristics of a High Quality Franchise Candidate

  • Enthusiastic when talking about the franchise opportunity
  • Passionate about the product and or services offered by the Franchisor
  • Strong communication skills
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude and excellence in customer service
  • Motivated, to do their best everyday
  • Disciplined, to follow a proven concept/system
  • Determined, to achieve personal and business goals

What are your Career Path Options?

An Employee

  • Job Security
  • No Investment Required
  • Little Freedom
  • Limited Financial Opportunity

Start Your Own Business

  • Be Your Own Boss
  • More Freedom
  • Potential Financial Opportunity
  • Large Investment Required
  • Many Hats To Wear (Operations, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources)
  • Higher Risk

Start A Franchise

  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Established Brand with Proven Process/Systems
  • Narrowed Focus to Build Your Business
  • Investment Required
  • Minimized Risk