Join Our Referral Network…And Earn Extra $$$$

As a Professional you are in contact with people every day. Many of these people are making changes to their careers and lifestyles and some of these people will decide that NOW may be the time for them to consider going into business for themselves. This is where we can help.

At we have nearly twenty years of experience in the franchising industry and have helped hundreds of people get into their own franchise business. We are building a network of professional Referral Associates across Canada as a means to provide quality leads to our expanding group of leading Franchise companies.

We work with potential franchise candidates to analyze franchise opportunities by:

  • Helping them determine if they would qualify for a franchise.
  • Ensuring they understand the franchise qualification process.
  • Assisting them in selecting a franchise that is the Right Fit for their Passion, Skills and Knowledge.
  • Aiding them to prepare a current Personal Budget.
  • Assisting them to create a Personal Net-Worth Statement
  • Advising them on the best questions to ask franchisors.
  • And we provide this valuable service at NO CHARGE to the candidate.

All we ask is that during your daily activities when you are speaking with a person who has been downsized or may be considering a career change, you promote and direct them to visit our professional and informative franchising website at As a FRN Referral Associate you do not need to be a franchise expert, but simply refer your candidates to our website at, submit a FRN Associate Referral Form and encourage them to complete our FRN Qualification Questionnaire. When your referral candidate signs a Franchise Agreement with one of our Franchises, you will receive a FRN Referral Fee of $2,500.

Supplement your income as an FRN Referral Associate by completing our FRN Referral Associate Registration Form >

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