About Us

FREE Service to Franchise Candidates

Our philosophy is simple, we want to work with our franchise candidates to ensure they have an understanding of franchising and the franchise concept. Secondly, throughout our qualification process we want to identify our candidate’s knowledge, skills and attitude toward going into business for themselves. Based on the information we receive during the process we can help determine and narrow down their search for which franchise opportunities best suit their needs within their investment capabilities. We are paid a referral fee by the Franchise Companies only after a candidate goes through the process and signs a Franchise Agreement.

Select Franchisors

Again our philosophy is simple, we want to work with our selected Franchisors to assist them in finding the “right fit” candidates for their franchise growth opportunities. In franchising, we all know that one of our single biggest challenges is finding good quality candidates to expand. With the continued growth of our professional network and unique “Feet on the Street” philosophy toward lead generation, we are able to provide a valuable performance based service by targeting specific demographic markets within the Franchisors growth areas thus providing our Franchise partners with good quality educated, informed candidates.